10 Ways To Make Your Website Stand Out And Make Your Mark Online

10 Ways To Make Your Website Stand Out And Make Your Mark Online Getting the attention of your visitors is difficult. Compelling content is a must, but content is not king the way most would have you think. Compelling content matters very little if the design of a site is poor to the point that nobody bothers to stay and read it. To make your mark online your design must be spot on. Here are ten ways to do this. 1) Simplify your layout. Many website owners want to put as much as they can on a page in order to give users more options to click and interact. The opposite is often true. Simplicity is the backbone of successful, high converting web design . 2) Give your website video. Traffic to video sites is growing at a rapid rate. Sites that use videos are likely to have lower bounce rates and visitor engagement while also providing another form of media to communicate with their audience. 3) Use subtle font and background colors. This may be niche specific, but sites with a light backg http://www.webarts.com.cy/blog/web-design/stand-out-and-make-your-mark-online.html


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