‘Asana’ – A New Project Management Solution for Small Business

‘Asana’ – A New Project Management Solution for Small Business Asana is all about increasing productivity through the use of modern tools for small business owners. It brings in creativity to the core and some leeway for thoughts and collaboration within the enterprise. Though Asana is software, in functionality it goes far beyond the expectations of typical small business owners, notably when it comes to productivity. To put it in simpler terms, Asana is about bringing creative management and improving quality of the individual beyond normal. If you are wondering who are the people using Asana, you will simply be surprised. Among the big names you will find Dropbox, Stripe, Quora, Foursquare, airbnb and Uber, and that is only to give you a glimpse. Just like the impressive list of users, Asana is privileged to have some of the best names who have been in the business of management and from diverse activities, including, social media and technology companies. With them they also bri http://www.webarts.com.cy/blog/websites-reviews/asana-a-new-project-management-solution-for-small-business.html


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