New Search of Facebook Graph Search (Screenshots and tests)

New Search of Facebook Graph Search (Screenshots and tests) We have given access today in to test the new Social Search in Facebook which is still in Beta. We would like to give you a sneak peak on what is going on and how this will change the way we search in Social. Facebook has hit back on Google entering in the search industry same way as Google tried to enter Social Media industry with Google +. It seems excited but to be honest it doesn’t seem that any of them will manage to succeed equally. Facebook new Search Graph, as its being called, in short will help people search results based on their friend’s social activity, or in other words pull results that really matters to people based on their Social Life (in Facebook :)). Searching For Pages What Facebook actually try will do is, each time you are searching for something lets say “Restaurants in Nicosia” will calculate all the social signals (Shares, Comments, Likes, photos, est) of your friends and rank all the best related


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