5 Ways to Stop Your Content Being Found or Indexed By Google

5 Ways to Stop Your Content Being Found or Indexed By Google Strange as it may sound, there are times where you may want or need to stop some of your web content from being indexed and displayed in the SERPs by Google. For example, you may have content that is duplicate or perhaps corporately or personally sensitive.  If you are a webmaster who finds themselves in this situation, then you can perhaps use one of the methods shown below to keep your content away from Google’s grasp. Method One – Don’t put the content on your website This is the one sure fire way that Google is never going to index your content – just take it down! Inquire whether the information is actually needed – could it be stored as a physical copy, or perhaps on a memory stick, or hard drive somewhere? For those situations where this is not possible, try one of the following… Method 2 –  Use a meta noindex tag in your HTML This line of code can be used when you don’t want a page to be dis http://www.webarts.com.cy/blog/search-engine-optimization/found-or-indexed-by-google.html


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