How To Make Your Website More Secure

How To Make Your Website More Secure If you follow the technology news, it feels like every day there is a new story about some sort of data compromise or a high-profile company being hacked.  For small businesses and even individuals, there is often a feeling of “it will not happen to me.” Seeing or hearing such stores often drives that feeling home even further. Unfortunately, on too many occasions people find out that it can happen to them, often with disastrous consequences. While there is no question that there are sophisticated hackers and codes that will be able to put even the best security at risk, there is no escape from the fact many hacks of all descriptions come about either due to complacency or carelessness. Making a site 100% secure and safe is almost impossible, but that should not stop you putting preventative measures in place, as well as having a plan for recovering should you be hacked. Have you ticked all the boxes when it comes to keeping yourself cov


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