The Future Is Now For Responsive Web Design

The Future Is Now For Responsive Web Design Web traffic is moving to mobile devices at an ever-increasing rate, which presents a problem for web designers. It is difficult enough to ensure that viewers have a consistent experience across different sizes and resolutions of PC monitor, but the complications multiply when one is faced with the variety of mobile screens and the special problems that each presents. This is why the concept of “responsive web design” has gotten so much attention of late. Responsive web design is the solution to the problem of designing for multiple screen sizes, and it will become the mainstream of web design over the next two years. What is responsive web design? The idea of responsive web design is simple: A web page adapts itself to fit the screen on which it is displayed. Layouts are grid-based and fluid, so elements that are displayed side-by-side in a desktop-based layout may instead stack vertically when a smaller screen is in use. Some elements may


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