Top 10 Performance Marketing Tips

Top 10 Performance Marketing Tips Performance marketing is described as an interactive method of advertising where the pay is based on performance. Some people compare performance marketing to affiliate marketing, and although they are similar they are not the same. The difference is that affiliate marketing is simply a subset of performance marketing as a whole. In any case, performance marketing is on the rise, as technology continues to advance. The following information will provide you with the top 10 performance marketing tips. Tip #1 – Test Every Advertising Channel Available When it comes to performance marketing you must try everything! In other words, test as many offerings, products or other types of creative materials that you have access to. For instance, use various banner types, landing pages and multiple offers. The more things you test, the better your chances of finding your own money-maker will be. Tip #2 – Analyze Every Piece of Data Once you have found every


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