5 Timeless Website Promotion Tactics That Work In 2013

5 Timeless Website Promotion Tactics That Work In 2013 Website promotion is one of the main goals in online marketing. When catering your brand and business to a target audience, you only want them to go to one place, and that would be your website. Through the years there have been a lot of strategies that aim to boost website promotion to niche communities, but frankly, only a few have stood out to be really effective. Sure, they are often overshadowed by today’s trendy techniques, but if you are looking for ways that actually work, you may want to settle for the basics instead. So what are these timeless website promotion tactics that you should use? Blog marketing Blog marketing has always been an essential tool in website promotion. It was already present way before social media and mobile marketing, and yes, it has given a lot of benefits to marketers from all walks of life. Blog marketing is effective because it talks about a brand in a rather comfortable, informational and n


Cyprus remains an attractive International Business Center

The recent Eurogroup decision on the Cyprus bail-out is an unexpected direct attack on the Cyprus banking sector which bears no justification and does not comply with the idealistic notions of European solidarity http://globalserve.com.cy/cyprus-remains-an-attractive-international-business/

Top 5 Website Features To Make Your Online Business Stand Out

Top 5 Website Features To Make Your Online Business Stand Out With online shopping at an all-time high and the level of competition so intense, there has never been a more essential time to invest into the design and functionality of your businesses website. Forrester Research states that 71% of shoppers’ research products first at online retailers, and that research is far more likely to lead to sales if the first impressions of a brand or product is high quality through great imagery, video and great customer service. A business website should allow the customers as close an experience to physically being in store, and fortunately, with web design so sophisticated, it can be achieved. In order for a business to truly succeed online, it needs to focus on giving a unique experience to the customer without being overcomplicated or prone to slow loading or crashing. Here are five features that can help an online business achieve just that: 1.       Stro http://www.webarts.com.cy/blog/web-design/top-5-website-features-to-make-your-online-business-stand-out.html

Τα πρώτα σημάδια της απιστίας

Ως δικηγόροι που ασχολούμαστε με διαζύγια έχουμε ακούσει κατά καιρούς αμέτρητες δικαιολογίες και εξηγήσεις. http://www.rotsideslaw.com/en/articles/2013-03-02-19-06-47/200-apistia-ta-prota-simadia.html