Tips To Successful SEO In 2013

Tips To Successful SEO In 2013 In the past few years, to adapt to the ever changing search engine landscape – mostly propelled into a whirlwind by social media and smart phones, Google has updated its algorithms countless times . It’s important to note that there will always be shifts in the SEO landscape; the key is for small business owners and their marketers to stay ahead of the curve. There are some tried and true methods that still work, but there are also some new spheres that require emphasis and renewed adaptability. Mobile Optimization Google has continued to develop its skills in differentiating between great websites and mediocre ones, via these detailed stylistic and topical indicators , and successful SEOs need to respond by continuing to offer high quality content. Simultaneously, though, we need to be able to work with limited visual space and condensed search tactics focused on mobile devices. Smartphone users hate to wait for large images or complex content to lo


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