Working in Netherlands? Learn about Social Security in Holland

IT Contractors working in Holland whether resident or not are required to pay social security in Holland or in the country of their employer.
Current social security rates in the Netherlands and which rank amongst the highest in Europe are:
22% for employers approximately,
7.15% plus a minimum level of heath insurance contribution of approx. €1,222 for employees approximately.


Learn everything you need to know about companies in Malta and services

A limited liability company may be incorporated in Malta for the purpose of carrying on any activities in Malta or internationally and whether such activities are of a “trading” or “holding” nature. Such limited liability companies can therefore trade in any sector and may hold assets whether tangible or intangible and whether movable or immovable.

What Web Designers Need To Know About SEO

What Web Designers Need To Know About SEO It’s easy for Web designers to fall a bit behind when it comes to search engine optimization, or “SEO” due to the huge amount of other things there are to worry about when it comes to designing pages for the Web. But it’s important to stay as up to date with the latest trends in order to make sure that you aren’t missing anything. On-Page Optimization Usefulness The secret to on-page optimization is one that people have been debating about a lot recently. But essentially, the goals of optimizing your pages is firstly to try to get the best possibility of ranking very well on Google and Bing. Additionally, this should help get traffic from social networks like Facebook and Twitter, as well as help you achieve more general goals like making your page seem more credible. How to Optimize for Crawlers The first thing that’s important is to make sure that your site is accessible for bots and crawlers. To do this, you can start with makin