Natural Gas Found in Cyprus Noble Energy block 12

Cyprus may be one of the new sources of natural gas in new energy infrastructure linking Europe with these facilities. This is the third largest discovery in the last decade. The previous two were in Israel.


Organic SEO – How To Earn Your Stripes

Organic SEO – How To Earn Your Stripes Ask the SEO outsourcing company pros from anywhere in the world what matters most to a successful campaign and they will tell you it’s pure and simple hard work. Faking it just isn’t an option these days as delivering a truckload of what Google is looking for right to its door will only earn you a spot on the firm’s brown-nosing black-list. The reason being that if you’re targeting Google, you’re not targeting your readers or customers properly. It could be as simple as that really. This why going into 2014 you need more than ever before to revisit what it is that makes your site great in the first place – i.e. its content. With poor content your site is effectively less useful to you than no site at all, but this of course leads to the question as to how to balance a purely reader-driven site and one that actually works well in SEO stakes? Indeed, earning your stripes the honest way isn’t easy, but it’s certainly possible. Here a

Hair Restoration Procedures. Want or need?

In recent years, male grooming has evolved to a booming sector of modern industry and has empowered men to seek solutions to improve their appearance. With everyone having access to the internet, men can easily research what contemporary aesthetic medicine can offer. This is also facilitated by the factor that a man looking after himself and wanting to age gracefully is no longer a taboo, as the beauty industry is no longer a privilege for females.

Is contracting in the Oil & Gas sector highly qualified?

Contracting in the Oil & Gas sector is a highly qualified well paid vocation that covers virtually the whole globe when it comes to location sites. Due to the enormous scope of territories this can make it a very complex field to deal with when it comes to salary payment, taxes and paperwork with each job varying significantly in its requirements.

Google Algorithm FAQ – SEO Tips

Google Algorithm FAQ – SEO Tips Why Does Google Make Algorithm Changes? In the simplest of terms possible, it’s all simply case of Google doing all it can to enhance and perfect the user experience for those using its search engine. Not to put too fine a point on it, Google technically doesn’t give a damn about the sites it lists or the businesses they represent – if you’re not in business with Google or paying them for their services, why would they have any loyalty to you? Instead, their revenues are mostly customer-based and so it makes sense that algorithm changes would be made for the benefit of searchers, rather than the businesses they are looking for. It’s as simple as that. Why Are Some Sites Punished? If following an update to the algorithm a site is found not to be following the new rules, chances are they will be stripped of their credit/authority and summarily make their way toward the bottom of the rankings. As these updates are in large designed to weed out sp