Why Cayman Islands is a popular tax haven for offshore companies

Taxes on corporate income, capital gains, payroll, or other direct taxes are not imposed on corporations in the Cayman Islands. Therefore corporate residency imposed on corporations in the Cayman Island is irrelevant to Cayman Islands taxation currently.


Find out more about Isle of Man company Benefits

The main reason that people look to the Isle of Man when considering incorporating an offshore company is because of its strong reputation as an established international business and finance centre in a low tax jurisdiction with a reputable regulatory environment that is independent of the UK.

8 Reasons To Use Responsive Web Design For Your Next Business Website

8 Reasons To Use Responsive Web Design For Your Next Business Website When owning and running a business website, one must take care to think about their customer’s wants and needs. This is beneficial as most visitors are finicky and have plenty of choices. To combat this and give the user the best experience, a site owner should use responsive Web design. Here are eight reasons why this is the case. User experience First and foremost, when landing on a Web page, a user will want a nice and refined experience. When this happens, a visitor is likely to keep on looking at more of the website. On the other hand, when ignoring this, a site owner will see people leave and head for more user-friendly online destinations. Remember, this is the most important reason to offer a responsive design as clients will appreciate the clean and user-friendly layout of a website. Time management Let’s face it, it is not fun to manage a website. This is a time-consuming task for people who usually do

The main features of IBC, tax treaties and advantages of Seychelles Companies

Given the small size of the economy and its heavy dependence on tourism, the island remains vulnerable to external shocks. Seychelles is consider to be one of the attractive offshore company formation jurisdictions. – See more at: http://www.ksapre.com/offshore-company-formation/seychelles/#sthash.w9qGrjG3.dpuf