The third assessment of Cyprus Economy by Troika

Cyprus is the first country under the program manages to overcome its fiscal targets with recording this way the new positive evaluation of the implementation of the Cyprus adaptation program. However the need to implement the Memorandum remains, in order for the country to regain its credibility.


Big step on financial sector in Cyprus

The Cypriot Authorities performed a big step from March of 2013 in order to improve restrictions on money movements within the Republic. The finance of Minister Mr. Charis Georgiadis expressed a satisfaction for the restructuring plan of the cooperative credit sector by the European Commission noting that is an important step for the full stability of the banking system in Cyprus.

4 On-Page SEO Elements You Need To Have In 2014

4 On-Page SEO Elements You Need To Have In 2014 SEO has transformed a great deal in the past few years. It is really easy to be confused at the moment as to what you need to do in order to have an effective SEO strategy. Luckily, in 2013 Google announced its new search algorithm the Hummingbird and this has given a bit of clarity to the most efficient SEO tactics. Here are four on-page SEO elements that are essential in 2014. 1. Appropriate Keywords The first thing your website needs to implement for SEO purposes is really simple and effective. You need to be well aware of how to use keywords in 2014. It is really crucial that you regularly look around for the best keywords to use for your business needs. Two of the key points to keep in mind when it comes to keywords are seasonal keywords and relevancy of the keywords. You should consider using seasonal keywords for your advantage. This doesn’t just mean big occasions like Christmas, but even smaller events and words like ‘spring