5 Basic Accounting Tips for Small Business

When starting up a new small business, many things can garner your attention and take your mind off some of the most important aspects of running your business properly. Read this article for more accounting tips


All the regulations you need to know about Dubai companies and Tax

The Dubai International Financial Centre is expanding rapidly and providing stiff competition for the longer established banking institutions of Bahrain. Dubai does not impose income tax, capital gains tax or estate or inheritance taxes. It is said to be considering a value added tax.

4 Important tips for Handcrafted Earrings

Handcrafted earrings made of sterling silver or pure gold could be an investment, as they are made to last a lifetime. This is especially true for gold jewellery, as gold is an extremely durable metal and could easily become heirloom-pieces that your children or even beloved grandchildren could inherit and enjoy wearing. For this reason you should invest extra care in looking after them. This will also ensure that they look lustrous and “new” for much longer.

Why BVI Is It a Popular Destination for Companies?

Many companies today are looking for tax havens located outside of their home country. They do not plan to evade taxes, but they do want to pay only a fair amount of taxes for their business. One of the most popular of these tax haven jurisdictions is the British Virgin Islands, or BVI. Companies will find quite a few advantages to moving their business to the islands.