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Mauritius ranks high in terms of ease of doing business. It also scores exceptionally well in free economy and investment freedom displaying high standards in efficiency, law and competitiveness. Mauritius was once viewed as a small agricultural island, but has since become a reputable jurisdiction for offshore company formation due to its efficiency, confidentiality and flexibility.


People who do not go abroad could go their whole lives without concerning themselves with exchange rates. Certainly this would be a simpler world, however this is not the case for contractors who work abroad. When you work in a foreign country suddenly exchange rates become very important indeed

Find out the Major Benefits of Tax Haven Jurisdictions

Large, mid-sized, and even some relatively small companies today are looking for tax haven jurisdictions where they can start and incorporate their own company. They are moving their companies out of their own countries because they want to have some of the benefits and advantages that those other nations can offer for their companies, namely the tax benefits.

Find all the details about job contracting in Switzerland

Switzerland has become very popular with contractors not only due to its high salaries, clean safe cities and excellent infrastructure making its standard of living very high, but also due to its high contracting rates and low company and personal income tax rates. Switzerland’s contracting job market is also more flexible than neighbouring countries. –