Reclaiming VAT as a Limited Company Contractor

If you are a limited company contractor then you are only required to register for VAT in the UK if your company is expected to have a turnover exceeding £79,000 annually, although you may do this voluntarily even if your company is not expected to make this much


The Game of Thrones Fifa World Cup 2014 Similarities

The Game of Thrones Fifa World Cup 2014 Similarities We search and found which World Cup players have similarities with Game of Thrones characters. Check below and let us know what do you think. Feel free to comment which other similarities exist between other players and characters of Game of Thrones. Use the code below to publish this image on your blog From: Webarts Digital Agency in Cyprus Tweet

Why Isle of Man Is a Great Jurisdiction for an Offshore Company

Isle of Man offers a wealth of benefits that make it an ideal location for many people looking to set up an offshore company.The area is stable, and is not in any type of economic turmoil that could cause problems for the companies located there. The Isle of Man is stable politically as well, and that political stability helps to improve the overall stability of the jurisdiction. They have a high quality banking system that understands how to work with offshore companies located there too

UAE Company Types of offshore incorporations

The UAE is becoming a very popular place for offshore incorporation having completely recovered from the global financial crisis and with places like Dubai and Abu Dhabi making a name for themselves in the modern financial world. The UAE prides itself on its prestigious offshore financial reputation.

Learn what a Double Tax Treaty is and the advantages for a business

A double tax treaty, sometimes called a double tax convention, is a means to help eliminate the possibility of having to pay taxes twice on the same source of earned income. Most countries have these sorts of treaties in place. The treaties can also provide a means of having certain types of treatment when it comes to trading and investing across borders. It helps to greatly diminish unfair taxation rates that companies from certain countries may have to face. They protect the taxpayers, as well as the rights of the government for fair taxation.

Job Opportunities in Amsterdam and Holland – What You Need to Know

Many people who work in the Netherlands are of international origin, and the workforce is multilingual and educated. The unemployment rate in the area, at 5.2%, is lower than it is throughout much of the rest of the world. The rights of the worker are very important in Amsterdam and Holland, and workers have a substantial amount of protection. Some international workers can even take advantage of the 30% tax ruling, which is a tax benefit designed as an incentive to bring in highly skilled workers from other countries.

Do You Need a Work Permit to Get a Job?

Find more about working in Netherlands here
Most people who want to work in Amsterdam and Holland will need to have a work permit. The employer will often be able to apply for the work permit for the worker. The permit they receive is specific to that particular job and that employer. The permit can be for up to three years.

Seychelles Companies – Benefits and advantages

Setting up a company in Seychelles could be a very good idea for business owners looking for an alternative jurisdiction. Of course, many do not even know what Seychelles is or where it is. The Republic of Seychelles features 155 islands and is located in the Indian Ocean. They are a relatively small nation with a population under 100,000. Still, the country happens to be a wonderful place to set up an offshore company, as it offers businesses a host of different benefits. Today, they are one of the most popular places for offshore companies for all of the reasons that follow.