Women in the field of International Contracting

There have always been less women in the field of international contracting than men, a recent survey has put this figure as less than half of that of men. There are roughly around one million female contractors in the UK compared to more than two and a half million men.


Top 5 “excellent” hotels & restaurants this summer in Cyprus

Top 5 “excellent” hotels & restaurants this summer in Cyprus These are the top Hotels and Restaurants in Cyprus for this summer period. We have found the top based on the number of “Excellence” reviews they have recieved at Tripadvisor from 1st of June since 25 of August. If you had a great experience this summer in any hotel or restaurant in Cyprus please free to share your experience below. Use the code below to publish this image on your blog From: Webarts Digital Agency in Cyprus Tweet

Why People Choose Offshore Companies?

Companies operating today want to have the best possible chance of succeeding, and they search for the best ways to run their business with the least expenditure on their part. One of the ways that many companies are saving money legally is through creating offshore companies. These companies set up in other countries have some significant tax benefits.