All You Should Know About Financial Statement Analysis – The Free Financial Advisor

What is a financial statement analysis? A Financial Statement Analysis is a document with compared corresponding ratios and trends based on information contained in financial statements. Such an analysis is rather useful, because financial ratios give you the opportunity to evaluate your company’s performance against industry averages or against certain rivals. A well written Financial […]


Why is an External Audit Such a Good Idea? – DINKS Finance | DINKS Finance

An external audit? Aren’t official audits already enough trouble? True enough, as a businessman, external audits could seem a needless and quite expensive luxury which won’t avail anything at all. Furthermore, a private company is not required to present an

5 Vital Tax Tips for Small Companies as the Tax Year Ends – Critical Financial | Critical Financial

It’s official: small companies and businesses find it more difficult to cope with tax planning and filings than individuals or large corporations, but that should not cause you panic. There are ways to stripe tax organization and accounting off their monstrosity.

The 10 Greatest Challenges Business owners Face (and Need Help to Overcome)

We stress you, how many challenges business owners face and how they can overcome them.If you are a business CEO you should hire qualified consultants in order to prepare a successful integration of your company to the local market where you want to expand your business.