Guernsey Image Rights Register

Guernsey was the first jurisdiction to introduce an image register, the first of its kind in the world. This legislation enables a person, a joint personality, a group, a legal entity or even a fictional character to have their personality registered. Since its introduction in 2012 it has received over thirty applications.


Guernsey Limited Liability Partnerships incorporations

After much research into the laws of other jurisdictions Guernsey has approved draft legislation to introduce Limited Liability Partnerships. This is expected to receive Royal assent prior to July 2014. These corporate bodies combine features from traditional partnerships with features from limited liability companies. They are more commonly used where joint management is contemplated. – See more at:

Guernsey’s Dual Regime Interests US Fund Managers

Guernsey intends to operate a dual regime for distribution of funds. This will apply to both EU and non-EU countries. A funds delegation from Guernsey recently went to the US to update US contacts with details of the Island’s dual regime ahead of the EU and was reported to have been well attended and positively met.